We can provide many repair services for your pool big and small. If there’s a service you can’t find please let us know on our contact page and we’ll do our best to help.


  • Pool Inspections
  • Diagnostic Walkthroughs
  • Replace/Install Motor
  • Replace/Install Pump Unit
  • Replace/Install Filter
  • Replace/Install Heating Units
  • Replace/Install Automated Cleaning Units
  • Repair damaged, cracked or missing piping
  • Repair of underground piping
  • Repair/Replacement of Miscellaneous parts (ie. Main Drain Covers, Ladder Railings etc)
  • Time Clock Replacement
  • Replace/Install Safety Covers (known as “elephant covers”)
  • Leak Detection
  • Deck Sealing for Pool Coping
  • Stone & Deck Weatherproofing
  • Acid Washing
  • Chlorine Cleansing
  • Pool Painting
  • Removal of Old/Unused Equipment
  • Upgrade Pool Equipment to Easy Touch Automation
  • Replace/Repair Pool Tile
  • Replace/Repair Pool Skimmers
  • Pressure Testing for Underground Pool Lines